EFT Authorization Instructions

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs), also known as ACH transactions, are secure and efficient transactions sent electronically to bank accounts within the U.S. EFTs have a two day settlement period and will be credited to the payee's bank account within two days of the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) payment date. Although BFS can generate both checks and EFTs, the latter is the preferred method of payment for student, employee, and vendor reimbursements (petty cash reimbursements must be made via check, however.)

If you are a UC Berkeley Student:

Important! Direct deposit requirements for students transferring funds outside the U.S. (Word)

Click here to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer.

Student inquiries should be submitted by opening a case with Cal Student Central.

Additional student information can be found at: studentbilling.berkeley.edu

For Students
For Employee
For Vendors