BFS Update 2020


We are updating the Berkeley Financial System in order to stay current with security recommendations and best practices. The upgrade will take place in May and will make the software current, improve security, and ensure that BFS continues to be supported by Oracle. The primary change is visual to the general look and feel of the homepages, dashboards, and menus.

Changes in this Update

Relevant to


All BFS users

There is a ChartField label change - the label for the Program Code ChartField is being changed to 'Function' on all accounting entry pages.

All BFS users

There will be an updated look and feel of the homepage and many of the other pages.

BFS journal editors and those who post journals

There will be an option to run the post journal and edit journal processes in the background. Running the process in the background allows you to navigate to other pages or open up a new window in BFS. If you choose not to run the process in the background, your page will be frozen until the process completes (as it does today).

Contracts & Grants team, Research Administrators

The Grants Work Center will be updated with a new look and feel. See also an updated business process and job aid on the Award Set-Up page.

Non Student BFS users with access to billing pages

A new Billing Work Center will be available for non-student billing and AR users with access to billing modules.

eBill users

There will be a new eBill login page, using current password compliance standards.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the BFS Help Desk at