BFS Update - May 2022


The Berkeley Financial System (BFS) will make updates to the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) in order to stay up-to-date with Oracle PeopleSoft releases. The upgrade will take place in May 2022 and will make the software current, improve security, and ensure that Oracle supports the BFS. In addition to the regular maintenance, we’ll also implement some updates for the system. The updates are general updates to the navigation options and are relevant to most BFS users.

Key Updates in this Release


The BFS homepage now includes a quick access bar on the left, which provides one-click access to favorites and most recently visited items.

Search bar

The Global Search bar appears in the center of the banner at the top of the homepage.


New navigation tiles include Recently Visited, Favorites, and Menu items. These options are also used in the quick access bar and in search suggestions in the global search bar.

Menu items

Menu folders and menu items are displayed in alphabetical order by default. This default organization can be changed individually.


Breadcrumbs in the NavBar allow navigation back up the menu hierarchy to a menu folder, including the root folder.

Data privacy

To ensure that we protect personally identifiable information, data such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, and employee salary is masked on pages and query results.

Lived names

In the Card Program and Approvals functions, preferred names display for employees that have entered preferred names in UCPath.

User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing will be occurring between May 13, 2022, and May 19, 2022. Direct communications will be sent to those participating in the test cycles.


Please review the training information that accompanies the new features in BFS:


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the BFS Help Desk at