BFS Update - January 2023


The BFS team updated the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) and performed scheduled maintenance on Thursday evening, January 12, 2023.

One of the key updates is designed to make navigating and searching in BFS easier for the user. This expands on the central search feature that was implemented previously, to include a keyword search and global search feature.

Key Updates in This Release

New Keyword Search Page

This feature allows BFS users to search using keywords or phrases and retrieve data matching those words. BFS users can follow the links from the data results to the pages where that data is displayed in more detail. They can also search and filter the data further on things like business unit, award number, and vendor ID.

New Global Search Feature

There are now many other search capabilities in addition to the main search bar. Users can type a description to return relevant results and then continue to the pages displayed directly from the returned results. For example, they can search a keyword or phrase in the search bar, and return a set of results, and the filters in the toolbar will automatically update and populate related category filters, to help narrow the search. The filters are dynamic, so they will update and change based on what you are looking for.


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