Paying a UC Preferred Vendor for an Employee's Moving Expenses

Household Movers

The new employee should coordinate closely with the hiring department to arrange direct payment to a UC preferred household mover or common carrier for the employee’s moving expenses.


New Employee

1. Review the list of UC preferred moving vendors on the Moving - Household, Campus, Laboratory page.

2. Contact 2 or 3 suppliers to ask questions and obtain quotes for your particular moving situation.

These suppliers are familiar with the university’s policies and procedures and can assist you with understanding what to expect during the move. If applicable, instruct the carrier to weigh and quote the library/lab/office freight separately from household freight.

3. Determine which supplier best meets your needs.

4. Inform your hiring department of your chosen mover and provide a copy of the quote.

Hiring Department

1. Initiate a purchase order by logging into BearBuy and submitting a Moving Services: Household and Personal Effects form.

Important: Moving expenses must be charged to general ledger account 57232.

2. The documentation must include:

  • Memorandum of approval (for example: offer letter) from the appropriate department representative
  • Chartstring (funding source) to be charged
  • Name of the new employee
  • Present address of the new employee
  • Telephone number of the new employee
  • New address where household effects are to be shipped
  • Desired dates of packing and pick up
  • Quote from the carrier and any other information related to the move that will assist the Supply Chain Management buyer with issuing the purchase order

Privacy Alert

Do not upload any document in BearBuy, or any other website application, unless the notice triggering data (for example: credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) and the home and family data is masked as completely unreadable. The best approach is to remove this data from the document before uploading it.

Data Privacy (PDF)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Upon receipt of the required documentation, a Supply Chain Management buyer will:

  1. Correspond with the new employee to provide information on the move and the name, address, and telephone number of the UC Berkeley buyer handling the transaction
  2. Contact the carrier’s agent to provide the purchase order number and other pertinent information
  3. Ask the agent to contact the new employee to arrange the details of the move
  4. Issue a completed purchase order to the carrier
  5. Direct the carrier to provide the buyer with a copy of the invoice upon completion of the move
  6. Assist the employee in the event of a disputed claim