Reimbursing an Employee for Moving Expenses

Paying relocation assistance is always at the discretion of the hiring department. The agreement to pay moving and relocation expenses must be pre-approved by the appropriate authority and is typically documented in the employment offer letter as a maximum (e.g., the University will pay allowable and reasonable costs up to $ X,000).

Pre-approved and allowable moving expenses that the new employee paid out-of-pocket may be reimbursed through the Reimbursement System for "Other Expenses." The new employee may initiate this process after obtaining an active CalNet ID (note: Cal directory profile must include an email address).

Request for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days from when the expense was paid or incurred.

Please use the Relocation and Moving Expense Payment Request Form (XLS) to detail the one-way travel expenses. Please be sure to include:

  • Dates and times of departure from former location and arrival at new location
  • Employee’s signature
  • Department approver’s signature
  • Employee’s arrival city (e.g., Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, Moraga), employee ID number, and immigration visa status, if applicable
  • Detailed account of expenses (supported by attached receipts)


  • Moving and relocation expenses should be charged to general ledger account 57232

Upload the form, paid invoices, receipts for any individual expense exceeding $75.00, a copy of the employment offer letter, and any additional back-up information into the reimbursement system prior to submitting for approval. Please be sure to mask any confidential, private or sensitive information in the documentation before uploading to the reimbursement system.