Payment Request Cost Types and Required Supporting Documents

Scan supporting documents and attach electronic images to Payment Request Form in BearBuy
Cost TypeApplies toRequired Supporting DocumentsPolicies
Conference Registration Fees*

*bluCard preferred

Registration fees for attendance at conferences, conventions or meetings of professional or learned societies Registration Form  
Donations, Gifts & Contributions Non-cash gifts of moderate expense to non-University individuals or organizations when the gifts are made on behalf of the University.

Also, non-cash awards of minimal value to employees for a recognition, length of service, or retirement purpose, or gifts as an expression of sympathy.

Letter on official University letterhead which states that the gift was made on behalf of the University (a card containing the same information may be substituted)

Receipt or invoice

Name, title and occupation of the gift recipient(s)
See Policy G-42, Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University

See Policy G-41, Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts

Entertainment Payments to vendors who do not require contract approvals. This does NOT include individual reimbursement for entertainment expenses, which should continue to be submitted through the T & E System. Backup documentation stating business-related reason for expenditure, type of event, and participants. Attach copy of receipt or invoice. See Policy BUS-79, Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions 
Express Delivery Services Expedited/overnight delivery services from vendors such as UPS, DHL, and other couriers. Do NOT use Payment Request for FedEx deliveries—see FedEx Process Invoice  
Freight Cost to transport supplies, materials, or equipment via a commercial carrier; also may include packing, crating and handling costs. Invoice


See Policy D-371-28, Disbursements Freight
Government Fees Fees paid to city, county, or state government organizations for on-going or annual charges, permits, or certifications related to (but not limited to) hazardous waste, medical waste, toxic substances, oversight and/or storage. Invoice  
Honoraria (not an employee or student) Payment given to an individual in recognition of a distinguished service or achievement for which propriety precludes setting a fixed price. Generally, honoraria are paid to persons of scholarly or professional standing in conjunction with an academic activity. Honorarium Recipient Worksheet (PDF)

Do not attach electronic images in BearBuy which contain any confidential information. See Helpful Tips on Imaging for additional information.

See Policy D-371-35, Honorarium Payments
Human Research Payment Payments to individuals who are subjects in research experiments or studies (if not paid from Petty Cash) Departmental form showing names and signatures of human subjects, if applicable. Do not attach electronic images in BearBuy which contain any confidential information, including nature of study.  

*bluCard preferred

Subscriptions to periodicals such as professional journals and magazines Subscription order form  
Loan Repayment Assistance Program Boalt Hall and Haas School of Business financial support payments to recent graduates of the JD or MBA programs employed in the public or nonprofit sectors Department to maintain support documentation  

*bluCard preferred

Initiation fees or dues for memberships, usually in organizations that promote the advancement of education and research, enhance the professional standing of administrative personnel, and facilitate favorable community relations Membership invoice or order form


See Policy G-43, University Membership in Organizations
Participant Support - Subsistence Stipend - Lump Sum Specific budget line item on some federal contracts/grants. Payments to individuals (not employees) who are receiving a training opportunity from the project. Documentation of allowable expense and conditions for payment See Guidelines for Processing and Recording Participant Support Costs
Petty Cash To establish or replenish a petty cash fund kept on hand to permit the purchase of low-value supplies and services that cannot be purchased under other low-value procurement methods, such as bluCard For petty cash fund set-ups and increases:
New Account Request Form (Word)

For reimbursements to replenish petty cash fund: Receipts

See Policy C-173-61, Cash: Petty Cash Disbursements 
Refunds Return of previously paid amounts related to the cancellation of workshops, courses, performances, athletic games or events, or return of deposits or overpayments Documentation of original payment, e.g., receipt showing amount paid for workshop enrollment, event ticket, etc.  
- Non-travel
- Non-entertainment
- Employees & students
Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for common goods (office supplies, copies, etc.) when an employee or student cannot use other low-value procurement methods, such as Bear Buy or BluCard. Reimbursements do not include travel, entertainment, services, specialized equipment. Purchases valued at $5,000 or more must be authorized in advance according to UC policy, BFB-BUS-43. A valid receipt should contain the amount, date, name of business and identification of what was purchased See Policy BFB-BUS-43 and How to Purchase, Delegation of Authority for further information.
Relocation and Moving Expense Reimbursement Reimbursement to new employees for out of pocket moving expenses. See Policy G-13, Regulations Governing Moving and Relocation
Royalties Payment made by a licensee to a licensor for the right to make, use, or sell an invention, or

Payment made to an owner of a copyright for the privilege of practicing a right under the copyright

Department to maintain supporting documentation


See Policy G-40, University of California Patent Program
Sports Officials Fees Fees and expenses paid to individuals for officiating at sporting games and events Letter of agreement with sports official showing name and date of event/game  
Telephone/Data Services Telephone/conferencing service bills from vendors such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast Invoice  
Travel Advances Cash advance for travel when a traveler cannot obtain a cash advance through a corporate travel card

Travel Advance Request Form (PDF)

Travel Cash Advance

See Policy G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel
Utilities Electricity, water, sewer, and natural gas costs paid to vendors such as PG&E, East Bay MUD, Waste Management Invoice  
Visa Application Fees Payments for H1–B visa application fees for international UCB employees. Payments are made to Department of Homeland Security More information is available on H1-B at the Berkeley International Office website