Payment Requests (BearBuy)

In BearBuy, activities that do not require a Purchase Order are processed as a Payment Request. Each cost type has different documentation requirements which must be scanned and attached to the Payment Request Form. When a Payment Request Form is submitted, BearBuy automatically generates a requisition which is routed to the department’s approver.

Do not use a BearBuy Payment Request for reimbursement of travel and entertainment expenses. These expenses should be submitted via the Travel Reimbursement System

Log in to BearBuy and select the Payment Request Form. Departmental staff should complete the form, scan all required documentation and receipts, attach document images to the online form, and submit the form in the system for approval. Do not forward hard copies of the documents to Accounts Payable, as the electronic images can serve as required documents of record.

PRIVACY WARNING: Do NOT scan and attach documents containing ANY confidential information, such as Social Security numbers or Bank Account numbers, to a Payment Request in BearBuy. See Data Privacy requirement for protecting restricted information (PDF).

Using the data entered on the Payment Request Form, BearBuy automatically generates a requisition and routes it to the department’s approver for online authorization.